A Cappella unites through music

Every club is unique in its own way, tackling social justice issues, providing safe spaces for people of certain identities, or a space to discuss topics that students are passionate about. A Cappella Club is unique in that the passion for singing is not confined to X periods, but extended into performances at assemblies or special school events.

A typical club period for A Capella Club involves “a lot of rehearsing, running through the song that we are working on as much as possible so that we are ready to perform. We usually split up into individual sectionals, then meet up and rehearse as a group,” co-president and senior Ethan Asis said.

Asis has always had a passion for music, so in freshman year when he was unable to join choir, but still wanted to sing, he joined A Cappella club looking for a place to express that passion and improve.

“A Cappella was that place. I stayed in the club after joining choir because of the community that I found there and because of the consistent challenge and gratification I felt that it came with,” he said.

I stayed in the club after joining choir because of the community that I found there.”

— Ethan Asis

A Cappella has not only provided a space to practice singing, but also something that has created a strong community around students with similar passions.

“I’ve always loved music, especially singing. A Cappella has been a home to me at SPA to learn what it means to work in a small musical group as well as what it means to direct or lead it. It is challenging, but rewarding, and is a small community of kids who genuinely love music and performing,” Asis explained.

For anyone looking to expand their experience in performing and singing specifically, A Cappella club is perfect.

“A Cappella serves as a place for students to hone their musical abilities in a unique, challenging, and fun environment, and to strengthen their bond with music in general,” he said. “We’re open to everyone who’s interested and willing to come.”