0-7: A striking defeat for Girls Varsity Tennis

Elle Chen, RubicOnline

After the highly competitive game against rival school Blake last night, GVT returned home drenched in sticky sweat, defeated 0-7. For years, Breck has been one of GVT’s top competitors in their division. Similarly last year, GVT was beaten by Breck both times they played against each other. This year, Breck is currently ranked second in the 1A state division. 

Despite all the losses, there were many highlights in the game against Breck yesterday. “I think a lot of the girls played very well. It was really hot so that was challenging, but we played a lot better than with Blake [last match],” captain Alessandra Costalonga said.

I think a lot of the girls played very well. It was really hot so that was challenging.”

— captain Alessandra Costalonga

Additionally, Costalonga added that one of the highlights of the game was during the tiebreaker in the second singles game in which sophomore Maggie Fields would have won if it weren’t for a miscall. “She [Fields] was in the tiebreaker and actually the last point that Maggie Fields hit was in but the girl [Breck] called it out. She [Fields] didn’t say anything because she was so in the game and you don’t really know what to do. We all saw it, it was in but she [Breck competitor] made a really bad call and lost the match. It was still a really good game though.”

Although it was unfortunate, miscalls happen all the time in high school tennis because there are not always line judges there to make a clear call.

Last night, the singles matches were played by sophomore Elizabeth Trevathan, sophomore Maggie Fields, junior Maya Choi, and senior Amelia Batson. Meanwhile, the three doubles matches were played by senior Alessandra Costalonga and junior Kate Hick, senior Issy Weber and 9th grader Leni Nowakowski, and junior Annika Rock and 9th grader Anna Nowakowski. 

The Girls Varsity Tennis team currently holds a record of 5-3. Their next match is home, today, against Providence Academy.