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The Rubicon

The Rubicon / RubicOnline Awards

2016-17 AWARDS


National Scholastic Press Association

All American (Print), First Class (Online)

NSPA Pacemaker Winner (Online)


Columbia Scholastic Press Association:

CSPA Gold Medalist (Hybrid)

CSPA Silver Crown Award (Hybrid)

CSPA Gold Circles:

Informational graphics: Portfolio of work – Iya Abdulkari

Single Subject News or Feature Package, Single Page Design – Noor Qureishy and Clare Tipler

Sports Page Design – Lucas Johnson and Clare Tipler

News Feature – Sophie Jaro

In Depth News / Feature Story – Sophie Jaro

Editorial Writing

  1. Staff, “Global Isolation Not the Cure for Terror” 
  2. Staff, “Ignorance and indifference to Social Economic Diversity Persists” 

Personal Opinion – On-campus issues  

  1. Riley Wheaton, “Performing Arts Programs Empower Students” 

General Feature- Sophie Jaro


School Newspapers Online:

Distinguished Site


State Recognition:

JEM All State Gold – Online and Print

JEM All State Gold – Aureus Feature Magazine

The Rubicon / RubicOnline

2nd Pl – Page One Design – Meghan Joyce, Jonah Harrison (Dec 2015) Congress shall make…

10th Pl – Page One Design – Sophie Jaro, Iya Abdulkarim (May 2016) Huss

3rd Pl – Single-Page Design – Marlee Baron, Stephanie Li (March 2016) A&E 12

5th Pl – Single-Page Design – Gitanjali Raman (March 2016) Sports 16

10th Pl – Center Spread Design – Mari Knudson (April 2016) Diversity


1st Pl – Editorial Cartoon – Diane Huang – (Ms Short as an octopus)

5th Pl – Editorial Cartoon – Sophie Jaro (April 2016) Power Rangers

1st Pl – News Photo – Amodhya Samarakoon (Les Mis on Instagram)

2nd Pl – News Photo – Diane Huang (IWD photo)

4th Pl – Feature Photo – Clare Tipler (Sami Brattland – Service Day)


5th Pl – Feature Story – Stephanie Li – “Perfectionism”

8th Pl – News Story – Iya Abdulkarim – “Jamar Clark’s death sparks BLM protests”

3rd Place – Sports Story – Meghan Joyce – “Ice Ice Baby”

10th Pl – Review – Sophie Jaro – “After Alice”


5th Place – Website General Excellence

Minnesota Journalist of the Year

2nd Place – Javier Whitaker-Castaneda

The Guthrie Review Writing Contest

Kelby Wittenberg – 2nd Place

The student news of St. Paul Academy and Summit School
The Rubicon / RubicOnline Awards