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Noah Raaum
Sophomore Noah Raaum is thrilled to be a part of RubicOnline this year as the publication's videographer. Noah has been making short films and videos many years prior to RubicOnline, but has never tied them to journalism. Along with filmmaking, Noah has an interest in feature and opinion writing, and is excited to contribute in this sense as well. In addition, Noah has a passion for student politics, and is a 10th grade representative for the Upper School Council. During his freetime, he enjoys biking around the Minneapolis lakes, learning how to play new instruments, and doing anything that doesn't involve sitting for long periods of time. Noah has three cats, a dog, two betta fish, and three finches — and he remembers all of their names.  His morning routine consists of him waking up at 5 a.m. to do schoolwork, eating cereal, and finally, boarding the school bus. On his way to school, Noah enjoys listening to classical music and occasionally reading non-fiction literature. Noah can be reached at

Noah Raaum, Videographer

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