• German exchange students arrive Sept. 22 and depart Oct. 7 and a special assembly will be held in The Huss Auditorium Sept. 23
  • Spanish exchange students arrived Sept. 14 and depart Sept. 25.
  • Senior speeches on 10/1: Henry Vlietstra, Jack Guinan, Ryan Strobel, and Quinn Appert

The Rubicon

Mira Zelle
Mira's senior year happens to be her first year on staff as Senior Mira, The Rubicon's podcast. Some of her favorite podcasts besides her own include The Bowery BoysMy Favorite Murder, and Sawbones. Outside of her podcast work, she loves art and science and is an active member of her local Jewish youth group, SPORTY. Feel free to leave any questions and comments on her podcasts at TheRubiconSPA Soundcloud.

Mira Zelle, Podcaster