• German exchange students arrive Sept. 22 and depart Oct. 7 and a special assembly will be held in The Huss Auditorium Sept. 23
  • Spanish exchange students arrive Sept. 14 and depart Sept. 25 and a special assembly will be held in The Huss Auditorium Sept. 16
  • This week's senior speeches: Alessandra Costalonga, Annika Findlay, Libby Cohen and Alex Herrmann

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Lara Cayci is the Opinions Editor on the RubicOnline. This is her second on staff. Lara enjoys journalism because she likes to write stories on events that impact people. She believes that journalism is significant because it's important to stay updated with the world's current events. In addition to Lara's role on staff, she enjoys painting and playing the viola. She is a member of the Intercultural club at SPA. Lara likes to spend time with friends and listen to music during her free time. She can be reached at rubicon.spa@gmail.com.

Lara Cayci, RubicOnline

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