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Jenny Sogin
Jenny Sogin is the Sports Editor for The Rubicon. Sogin prides herself on her ability to watch netlflix and eat junk food at the same time, while still being an all season athlete. If she could be the best athlete in any olympic sport, it would be figure skating because it looks so incredibly difficult. Aside from her previously mentioned abilities, she also loves to read and do whatever she can to procrastinate from performing the daunting task of homework during the school year. While school may not be her first choice of what to do with her time, she does love her teachers and their immense care in how she does as a student at SPA. If Sogin could go anywhere in the world she would choose Italy because of its wide variety of food and rich history. She can be reached at rubicon.spa@gmail.com

Jenny Sogin, The Rubicon, Sports Editor

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The news site of St. Paul Academy and Summit School.