• The distribution and signing party for the 2018 Ibid takes place May 30 in Lilly Courtyard. Bring a pen.

  • There will be no school on 5/28 due to Memorial Day

  • US exams will begin on the 31st

The Rubicon

2017-2018 Softball

Tue, May 01 Mounds Park AcademyMPA5-15L
Mounds Park AcademyMPA
Sat, May 05 ZimmermanFridley0-11L
Sat, May 05 GreenwayFridley0-24L
Sat, May 05 FridleyFridley7-7T
Mon, May 07 Minnehaha AcademyNeiman Sports Comple6-12L
Minnehaha AcademyNeiman Sports Comple
Thu, May 10 DeLaSalleByrn Mawr3-15L
DeLaSalleByrn Mawr
Fri, May 11 BreckBreck19-4W
Mon, May 14 4:30 p.m.Concordia Academy RosevillSPA
Concordia Academy RosevillSPA
Wed, May 16 4:30 pmSaint AgnesCarlander Field Conc
Saint AgnesCarlander Field Conc
Thu, May 17 4:30 pmSt. Croix Preparatory AcadSPA
St. Croix Preparatory AcadSPA
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