• The distribution and signing party for the 2018 Ibid takes place May 30 in Lilly Courtyard. Bring a pen.

  • There will be no school on 5/28 due to Memorial Day

  • US exams will begin on the 31st

The Rubicon

2017-2018 Boys Basketball

Tue, Dec 05 Legacy Christian AcademySPA- Randolph Campus51-37W
Legacy Christian AcademySPA- Randolph Campus
Fri, Dec 08 HumboldtSPA- Randolph Campus63-49W
HumboldtSPA- Randolph Campus
Fri, Dec 15 Concordia AcademyConcordia Academy- R34-44L
Concordia AcademyConcordia Academy- R
Sat, Dec 16 Nova Classical Academy SPA- Randolph Campus54-49W
Nova Classical Academy SPA- Randolph Campus
Tue, Dec 19 St. Croix LutheranSPA- Randolph Campus39-56L
St. Croix LutheranSPA- Randolph Campus
Thu, Dec 21 PACT CharterPACT Charter School 61-40W
PACT CharterPACT Charter School
Sat, Dec 30 Southwest Christian Southwest Christian 52-51W
Southwest Christian Southwest Christian
Tue, Jan 02 Trinity School SPA- Randolph Campus40-44L
Trinity School SPA- Randolph Campus
Sat, Jan 06 St. Croix Prep AcademySt. Croix Prep Acade53-59L
St. Croix Prep AcademySt. Croix Prep Acade
Tue, Jan 09 BreckSPA- Randolph Campus43-69L
BreckSPA- Randolph Campus
Fri, Jan 12 BlakeBlake - Hopkins Camp54-56L
BlakeBlake - Hopkins Camp
Tue, Jan 16 Providence AcademyProvidence Academy33-45L
Providence AcademyProvidence Academy
Fri, Jan 19 Minnehaha AcademySPA- Randolph Campus32-79L
Minnehaha AcademySPA- Randolph Campus
Tue, Jan 23 Mounds Park AcademySPA- Randolph Campus65-53W
Mounds Park AcademySPA- Randolph Campus
Fri, Jan 26 BreckBreck School41-66L
BreckBreck School
Tue, Jan 30 BlakeSPA- Randolph Campus69-66W
BlakeSPA- Randolph Campus
Fri, Feb 02 Providence AcademySPA- Randolph Campus55-63L
Providence AcademySPA- Randolph Campus
Wed, Feb 07 Minnehaha AcademyMinnehaha Academy No33-58L
Minnehaha AcademyMinnehaha Academy No
Fri, Feb 09 Mounds Park AcademyMounds Park Academy50-51L
Mounds Park AcademyMounds Park Academy
Mon, Feb 12 HighSchool for Recording ASPA- Randolph Campus60-56W
HighSchool for Recording ASPA- Randolph Campus
Tue, Feb 13 7:00 pmHeritage Academy of SciencSPA- Randolph Campus
Heritage Academy of SciencSPA- Randolph Campus
Fri, Feb 16 7:00 pmSaint AgnesSPA- Randolph Campus
Saint AgnesSPA- Randolph Campus
Tue, Feb 20 7:00 pmWashington Technology MagnWashington Technolog
Washington Technology MagnWashington Technolog
Fri, Feb 23 7:00 pmChristian LifeSPA- Randolph Campus
Christian LifeSPA- Randolph Campus
Tue, Feb 27 7:00 pmLincoln InternationalSPA- Randolph Campus
Lincoln InternationalSPA- Randolph Campus
Fri, Mar 02 7:00 pmNew Life AcademySPA- Randolph Campus
New Life AcademySPA- Randolph Campus
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