Homecoming kick-off assembly rallies Spartan spirit

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A rainbow of students dressed in their class colors crowded the gym for the first activity of homecoming week: the kick-off assembly. The assembly was held on Oct. 2 and outlined the activities and themes for the 2017 celebration, while establishing the foundation of school spirit that will build throughout the week.

“[The assembly] was enjoyable because it was quick and focused on just our school,” sophomore Fremont Forsberg said.

The homecoming festivities will culminate in Blue and Gold Day and Pep Fest on Friday, Oct. 6, and many students are eager to go all out with their Spartan pride.

It was really fun to do the Spartan beat with all of my friends”

— Ninth grader Bobby Verhey

“I am looking forward to Blue and Gold Day because I bought a gold dress,” senior Val Hart said.

Homecoming would not be complete without athletics, which features the GVS game on Oct. 6, and many other games or matches throughout the week.

“I wish they had brought up Dig Pink,” sophomore Sydney Therien said. The Dig Pink volleyball game is Thursday Oct. 5 at 6 p.m.

In addition to celebrating school pride and Spartan athletics, Dean Delgado and Frau Crowder also took the opportunity to introduce the German exchange students who are visiting from Hamburg, Germany. They arrived on Oct. 1 and will depart on Oct. 16.

Alex Loveland

“I am excited to get to know the German exchange students and show them Spartan spirit,” junior Gabby Harmoning said.

It is tradition to wrap up homecoming assemblies with the “Spartan Beat,” which was led by this year’s spartan, senior Breandan Gibbons.

“It was really fun to do the Spartan beat with all of my friends,” ninth grader Bobby Verhey said.

The reverberations of synchronized clapping, stomping, and cheering marked the official launch for Homecoming 2017.

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