Energizing spring and summer fashion boasts contrast and comfort

Boraan Abdulkarim (Illustration)

Warm weather fashion involves a mix of colorful prints and styles. “I can sum it up in two words: prison break,” New York Times journalist Eric Wilson said.

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“I can sum it up in two words: prison break,” Eric Wilson said for The New York Times. This short summary of spring/summer 2013 fashion is on the dot. Stripes have been dominant, but so has all-out black and white. Kimono-inspired prints and cuts are also a great statement to make. Ruffles, as exemplified by the popular peplum top, are an elegant fashion statement that will serve as casual with a twist of formal. Looking for a color pop? Think deep sea- aquas and corals.

Hot weather means sunglasses, and this summer, shades should be whimsical. Cat-eyes, hearts, and Windsor shades all fall into this category.  For simpler, more comfortable pieces, anything pastel or lace should be a go-to. “[Summer style]’s going to be  pastel layers and colors with a grungy or vintage edge. Very sixties,” Freshman Emily Bookless said. Loose, pajama-like harem pants, cinched at the ankle, are a great option for comfort and give off a distinct feel to any outfit.

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